(Leash) size matters

(Leash) size matters

Like clothing, unfortunately in many public places a leash isn’t optional. We’ve discussed in our ‘It all starts with the leash' dog blog post how leash adjustability is essential to keep up with your doggo’s busy lifestyle, but we still have so many things to teach you about one of our most pawrent-friendly accessories!
Harnessing Your Pup’s Walking Style

Harnessing your pup’s walking style

Have you ever observed the way your dog walks? It’s not uncommon to respond with, ‘no’. However, when choosing your harness and the way you use it, this information can make all the difference! There are six different types of doggo walking styles that can vary depending on their experience, health and the terrain.
It All Starts With The Leash

It all starts with the leash

As much as our Chief Floof Officer, Theodore, enjoys treats, this social pup’s love language is walkies. Our neighbourhood has so much to offer, from big parks to local cafes and bushwalks just a short drive away. We like to keep Theodore on his paws and mix up our adventures, needing a versatile leash to suit. So, we designed one.